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HSE Policy
∴People oriented, reduce accident; pollution prevention, observe law and discipline; all staff participation, improve continuously.
∴We promise: be responsible for the staff safety, health, environment, and the community; environmental protection, safety and health are the important parts of our corporate culture.
∴Abide by relative national laws and regulations on environment, health and safety as well as JUNYE’s intracompany requirement
∴During various activities of the company, avoid the employee’s or others’ health; every accident can be controlled and avoided.
∴During the production operation of the company, gradually reduce the discharge of harmful waste to the environment; and try to reduce the consumption of electricity, water and raw material to save resource and energy. Keep the harmonious between the business development and the ecological environment.
∴Make sure that all the staff, outsourcing businessman and other relevant personnel are familiar with the management procedure on environment, health and safety, and have had necessary training.
∴Provide a safe and healthful environment for the staff and relevant personnel, and avoid staff injury, environmental impact and property loss.
∴Keep the public’s faith in expertise and completeness of the company, and keep the communication with relevant parties outside the company
∴Continuously monitoring the management system operation of environment, health and safety; be committed to the continuous improvement.
HSE Promise
∴While pursuing the sustainable development and creating values for the client and the society, JUNYE also sees the environment protection and the safety and health of staff, relevant parties and the community members as our responsibility.

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