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       Welcome to visit JUNYE supply chain management web pages.This page is intended to establish an open platform for the communication with the suppliers, and help us to better service for the enterprise‘s internal users. This page is intended to strengthen and improve the cooperation with the suppliers, and provide relevant information about how to become JUNYE qualified supplier.
        One of the core business values of JUNYE is to"help customers reduce the cost, and improve the product value". We set the highest standards for our own quality of product and service, continuously to provide the product and service on process equipment which meet or exceed the client expectations, in order to fulfill the commitment to customers and reflect our own value.

Quality policy
        We are committed to become an excellent client-focused company, and provide outstanding quality, innovation and value in order to take the market leading position. The key to success depends on our own ability to satisfy the client with high quality product and service.For the common goal, JUNYE needs the supply chain partners to undertake the equal responsibility on the outstanding quality, innovation and value.


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