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Client-satisfied quality concept:
Practice the client’s quality demand and third party’s suggestion into each working units through the quality staff and project manager, except strictly according with the product requirement.
Impeccable QA and QC system:
Establish impeccable assurance system, operating system, working procedure, and working standard to implement QA and QC to each operating post from company management levels.
The staff with relevant ability:
Manage from the overall process such as skill training, ability test, process evaluation, and result evaluation in order to make the staff post ability reach the quality requirement.
Effective quality control method:
Have formed normative method from the aspects of quality plan, quality measure, quality monitoring, quality evaluation, quality analysis, and quality improvement so as to continuously enhance the product quality
Necessary testing techniques:
Have equipped relevant instrument and equipment from the aspects of raw material testing, nondestructive testing, process inspection, final test, and surface treatment

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