/images/logoPlugIn.swf 0.75 30 www.0551sm.com 0xffffff 0 0 auto auto "/>         Jiangsu Junye Process Equipment Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in design, fabrication and installation of process equipment, pressure vessels and low speed rotary equipment for petrochemical, environment, sea water desalination, pulping, carbon black, energy, metallurgy, material and other industries with the main direction of sources-saving and environment-protecting. And also including provides some relevant professional services. The main materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium, nickel and nickel alloy, various nonferrous metals, non-metal material lined with rubber, FRP or PTFE etc.
        JUNYE focuses on the improvement of design, manufacture and quality of the process equipment for unit package, so that Junye’s technology, especially on flare and equipment on making acid from waste gas in environment protection industry, filters in sea water desalination industry, digester in pulping industry, and large sized process equipment has reached the international advanced level and has been widely used in domestic and international large project, which makes Junye as a good global supplier for many well-known foreign companies. ……【More
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