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Papermaking pulping industry
        There are millions of orifices on the orifice plate ofthe pulping machine in pulping industry. Themanufacturing difficulties of the machine are that there are too many drilling holes for the orifices, the drilling method is unitary, and the orifice quality cannot reach the standard. To improve the efficiency of orifice plate drilling and the orifice quality standard, JUNYE has set up a special technology research and development team and initiated the automatic drilling technology of multi-orifice, which has obtained three national technical patents, greatly improved the manufacturing efficiency, shortened the manufacturing cycle, reduced the operation cost of the client, improved the client's product competitiveness, and made a contribution to improve the production efficiency and energy saving. JUNYE has won the client awarded honorary title of "the excellent supplier with the cost improvement and the outstanding manufacturing". In the years of cooperation, we have manufactured nearly one hundred sets of this machine for the client with a high quality and a good service, having realized the win-win with the client.


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