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  Project manager is appointed for each project who is responsible for fulfilling the contract clauses and commitment to our customers and will deal with all changes from client during whole project.
  Junye has developed and carried out the system of project management since the year 2002. There are around 105 projects in totally with delivery on time and the rate from customer satisfaction is always above 85%.
  With the development of our project management continually, Junye has established the measured management and 8 modules as follows:
Time Management:It is “pull” management in term of project, process, operation schedule.
Quality Management:All-level quality responsibility system under prevention and insure the stabile quality for both inherence and appearance.
Cost Management:Through using the system of “budget before action, control during action and final account after action”, the cost will be controllable
Information Management:With the scientific criterion, Junye make sure the information from customers, suppliers and in-company is accurate, safe and on time.
Resource Management:Project orientation, resource program and distribution in order to realize the resource balance for multi -projects.
Purchasing Management:Junye chooses the right suppliers and sub-venders based on“dynamic appraisal of their performance”and“project BOM table”
Cooperate Management:Cooperating clients, suppliers and in-company by the way of parallel engineering measure and realize the seamless link.
Risk and Problem Management:Forecast and prevent the risk related to the technology, resources, suppliers and environment through the appraisal to the risk of project, tracing and dealing with the problems.


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