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2004 year JJPEC was founded and put into production the same year Certificated by ISO9000, SQL and ASME. Falling film heat exchangers and products lining with FRP were exported to Japan, America and Europe
2005 year Constructed the high-level production line of heat exchanger; Added some modern equipment (NC Cutting Machine, NC Driller, Automatic GTAW Machine for tube to tube-sheet, NC Expander and so on);
2006 year Towers and heat exchangers according to HPGSL were exported to Japan
  Towers and heat exchangers according to HPGSL were exported to Japan Large pressure vessels with "U" stamp were exported to America.
2007 year Duplex steel equipment was exported to Japan;
  Awarded SQL design Certificate and ASME"U2"Certificate;
  JJPEC second construction put into production: The total area exceed 13500m2; Lifting capacity reached 100 Tons.
2008 year Fabrication base for large-sized equipment put into operation Awarded SQL A1 and A2 Certificate
  HC (Hastelloy C) materials began to be used on Heat Exchanger, the technology of machining after welding on the seal surface of the Heat Exchanger came true。
2009 year Finish the design and manufacture for large sized digester--- key equipment in pulping industry;
  Design and manufacture large sized filters(200,000m3/Day); Finish the design and manufacture for titanium equipment;
2010 year Large-sized Horizontal Lathe launched into operation,12 sets Low-Speed Rotation Equipment are manufactured;
  Thermal calculation and manufacture for titanium HE。
2011 year The sales volume of the Low speed rotary equipment account for 42%, three processing technology won national patents, and the processing levels had been acknowledged by many foreign well-known corporations.
  The pipeline system for volume production was adopted, in the production of 121 sets of heat exchanger, which had given good effect  on progress, quality, cost and other aspects.
2012 year Star lean manufacturing management
  Finish the design and manufacture of high clean heat exchanger, tower , oil-sand separating equipment and PED standard equipment
2013 year Finish the design and manufacture of high clean purification equipment and two-sides covered heat exchanger equipment
  Undertake a turnkey project of low-speed rotary unit equipment, including the design, manufacture and start up
2014 year Lean manufacturing management achieve initial effects: Production cycle for Low-speed Rotary Equipment was shorten 15%; capacity per capita was increased 8.9%
The pipeline system for large size product was adopted,  project which contain 40 sets of  sea water desalination filters  (200,000m3/Day) was finished ahead schedule and high quality,  and acknowledged by the customer
2015 year Adopted mechanical expansion for sealing Tube to Tubesheet joints(no welded), Successfully delivered super duplex SS heat exchangers. Designed and manufactured the largest domestic rake dryer (20m3) including installation and debugging..
2016 year Established segregated workshop for Stainless Steel fabrication. Strength the customers’ trust on our stainless steel equipment manufacturing.
2017 year

15 sets Low-Speed Rotation Equipment are manufactured.
Designed and manufactured the  Sludge drying & carbon black dry granulator including installation and debugging.
Designed and manufactured the vessels according to EN13445.

2018 year

Enter into new power industry,220 Sets superimposed resin column finished on time and quality 


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