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        The company covers an area of 24,000 m2, staff of 230, and equipment such as numerical control drilling and milling, vertical lathe, veneer reeling machine, steel plate shears, edge planer, bead cutter, large-scale bending machine, automatic welding machine of tube and tube sheet, automatic pipe welding machine, gas shielded welding machine of consumable electrode, hydraumatic pipe expander, sample thermal treatment furnace, and abrasive blasting. In addition, except the regular special testing equipment such as tension tester, chemical analyzer, X-ray detection apparatus, ultrasonic flaw detector, liquid penetrant test, and hardness tester, the company also has the following proprietary equipment: world-class welding inspection and testing equipment like DL-X of infrared ray, ET, PMI, etc.
        Maximum process weight: 650 tons; maximum process diameter: 10,000 mm; maximum process length: 100,000 mm (100 m); maximum process thickness: 200 mm; maximum annual output: 4,800 tons.
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